How to Make the Ultimate Vegan Superfood Smoothie

Looking for a healthy breakfast? Give this vegan and gluten free superfood smoothie a try!

What do you have for breakfast every morning? Cereal? A bagel? Or do you even eat breakfast at all? As a part of my attempt to put myself first, I’m working on making healthy meal choices especially at breakfast.

Starting off the day with a healthy meal is important if you want to maintain your energy levels and have a productive morning. Our mornings are hectic and we don’t have much time to get ready and eat well.

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Why is it so Difficult to Put Myself First?

As a mom, why do I have such a difficult time putting myself first? Between being a working mom, blogger and friend it's difficult to find time for ourselves sometimes.

Why Can’t I Just Put Myself First?

If you read the title and said nope not me – I have no trouble putting myself first, please let me know your secret! However, if you’re like many of the women I know, who put everyone in their life before themselves, maybe we can work through this together.

The other day I was speaking to a friend at work who has two kids that do all kinds of after school activities and a hard working husband. Based on what I know about her, it’s clear that she gives everything to her kids, husband and job. Sometimes it leaves little for her at the end.

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5 Strategies for Parenting a Strong Willed Child

Parenting can be rough! Check out these 5 strategies for parenting a strong willed child from The Professional Mom Project. These tips can help with kids at various ages and stages.

I am the first to admit that E and I are not parenting experts. We have busy lives and one very strong willed child.  In the 5 wonderful years since R has joined our lives, we’ve learned a lot about patience, compassion and parenting.

We all struggle every single day but we have developed some strategies that have helped us during difficult parenting moments. Here are 5 of our most often used strategies to parent our strong willed child:

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7 Perfect Gifts for Boys

Finding the right present for a little boy can be challenging. Here are 7 of our favourite gifts for boys that are sure to please.

* Please note, this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase any of the affiliate products that we own and enjoy, you will be helping to support the blog (and my latte addiction). Thanks!

Every time we are invited to a little boy’s birthday party, I always go through the same thought process – what would he like? Is it going to get thrown into another pile of toys or actually be used?

I don’t like the idea of buying presents that promote violence and I prefer  gifts that can help a child learn and grow.

Based on what R and his buddies love playing with, I’ve found a few awesome gifts for boys that both kids and parents enjoy.

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How to Make Super Simple Salmon and Tuna Sushi Bowls

To make this Super Simple Tuna and Salmon Sushi Bowl recipe you need just a few ingredients. Try it tonight for a quick and easy dinner. For more information check out The Professional Mom Project

E and I are big fans of sushi. When I was pregnant I think I missed sushi more than anything else. It’s healthy, flavourful and there’s just something about eating food rolled into a tiny bundle that I love.

Since making regular sushi at home always seemed a bit time consuming, I started to make sushi bowls. There’s very little cooking involved in making these sushi bowls and they are simple to put together on a busy night.

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Thyroid Cancer Awareness: Check your Neck

Check your Neck! It's thyroid cancer awareness month. Learn more in this post from The Professional Mom Project

Thyroid Cancer Awareness

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness month.

Whenever I meet someone and tell them that I have cancer I often get a similar reaction. People will say “you’re so young”, “really? You’d never know…” Then they’ll ask how I was diagnosed. I always share my story openly because I think it’s important to bring attention to thyroid cancer awareness.

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7 Sneaky Ways to Add More Vegetables to Your Day

Searching for ways to include more veggies in your day? Try these 7 Sneaky ways to add more vegetables to your day from The Professional Mom Project

Eating vegetables should be an important part of every person’s day. Veggies include nutrients, fiber and are naturally low in fat and calories. Most people don’t eat nearly enough…

Canada’s food guide suggests that veggies should take up half your plate with whole grains taking up one quarter and meat/meat alternatives completing the picture. Eating more vegetables can help protect you from some diseases and maintain a healthy body weight.

Knowing how important it is to eat veggies, how do we add more vegetables to our plates?

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How to Make The Best Roasted Root Vegetables Ever!

Looking for an awesome side dish? Check out this recipe for the Best Roasted Root Vegetables Ever from The Professional Mom Project. This side dish is healthy, satisfying and completely vegan and gluten free.

I’m always on the lookout for healthy and easy side dishes. This recipe for roasted root vegetables is definitely one of my “go to” recipes that I make all the time. It’s perfect year round since root veggies are almost always available. Plus, it’s very versatile because you can just use whatever you can find at the grocery store or farmer’s market.

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5 awesome and easy low iodine diet dinner ideas

Not sure what to make for dinner on the LID? Check out this list of easy and awesome low iodine diet dinner ideas.

When I’m on the low iodine diet one of my biggest struggles is what to eat for dinner during the week. I need recipes that fit into the dietary requirements, are fast and that my husband will eat as well.

I hope these easy low iodine diet dinner ideas give you some inspiration as you embark on your LID adventure.

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Easy Vegan Gluten Free Peach Crumble

Looking for a perfect easy desert? This recipe for vegan gluten free peach crumble is quick delish and healthy. With some simple modifications, you can use it in the low iodine diet as well.

Finding healthy and delicious deserts while on a very restrictive diet is often difficult. Whether I’m required for health reasons to be gluten, dairy and egg free or on the low iodine diet to prep for radioactive iodine treatment, it’s tough to find a dish that can satisfy my sweet tooth.

That’s where this healthy and easy vegan gluten free peach crumble works really well. The ingredients are simple. The main ingredients – peaches, oats and nuts are whole foods and are perfect for both a vegan, gluten free regimen and on the low iodine diet.

The vegan gluten free peach crumble recipe is based on Oh She Glows’ Mother Nature’s Apple Crumble recipe found in Angela Liddon’s cookbook. I love the recipes in this book! Everything turns out well and is easy to modify. I’ve already shared vegan and gluten free chia chocolate chip muffins and low iodine diet friendly avocado pasta that are based on Angela’s amazing collection.

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